Nocturnal Management

We are a metal band management company, made up of a team of musicians with a burning passion for music, as well as an appreciation and keen eye (ear) for talent.

Nocturne was founded in early 2019, originally solely offering our digital marketing services to businesses and food establishments before branching out to band management in 2022.

The company is designed to give artists a better understanding of the music business and guidance on how to thrive in it. From artist development to social media management, our services cover everything metal artists may need.

Because we understand the challenges of being a metal musician from all aspects, our mission is to treat band management holistically. We offer guidance and support that ranges from psychological to legal, and provide all the tools needed to take a start-up band onto the path of success.


What We Offer

We understand you because we are you: How can you fully know the needs and struggles of a band without having been in one yourself? Being metalheads and musicians ourselves who have had to do everything on our own, we’ve gained first-hand experience and an understanding of what it takes.

We don’t just accept anyone, we choose who to represent. As we get so involved, it’s important for us to only take on bands whose music we genuinely like. This is the only way we can truly push the band forward with passion and help you reach your full potential. Our selectiveness reflects how much we care about what we do.

We build rapport. You are not just a number to us. Think of us as the newest member of your band!

+ Strategy
+ Websites & Merchandising
+ Artist Development
Professional guidance to help our musicians stay on the right path and reach their full potential
+ Video Production
Videos for Instagram stories and Spotify Canva per release (Music video editing + lyric videos are possible at an additional cost)
+ Booking
Scouting for shows (we are not a booking agency but we can definitely help!
+ PR & Communications
+ Merch Design
We assist in finding the right designers and printing companies to work with
+ Social Media Ad Management
x2 ads per month (Boosting not included in the price)
+ Social Media Design
x4 Designs for social media, Spotify & YouTube promotions, new releases & announcements
+ Social Media Audit & Planning
Checking of all social media pages & making any necessary changes, including new designs & re-branding. Monthly planning including calendar
+ Band Management
x1 call per week (1-2hrs)